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Charlotte Show, 2008

Charlotte Show, 2008

Here is a picture of Lee with two storied legends of the guitar world, Mr. Rod Norwood and Mr. Hank Sable. To photograph them together is such a rarity, the National Enquirer offered me $50,000.00 for this photo but I refused, lest I find myself buried in the swamps of Mississippi.

It's well known that Rod loves the Stones and traveled from show to show in the late 60's, following every move made and every lick played by Keith Richards.

As time went by and the band saw Rod night after night, they invited him on the tour bus and after one particular "lost" weekend, they dropped him off somewhere in the Midwest, reportedly at Peepaw's Truckstop.

When the enamoured Mr. Norwood woke up, he found his hair cut into a Mohawk, his toenails painted pink and a tattoo of Keef on his chest. Instead of being angry, Rod grew his hair back out and proudly wears the tattoo as a badge of honor.

'Ol Hank's claim to fame came as a venerable U boat Captain in the Great War. During a wildcat run through an enemy ship convoy, the torpedo mechanism failed on Hank's U boat.

Realizing certain doom was upon the crew if they couldn't break through and make their escape, 'Ole Hank jumped up onto a rack of torpedoes and with only a ball- peen hammer and a flat- head screwdriver, began to pound holes into the missile cap ends. When he had opened a hole in the end of a torpedo, he would take his cigar and light the powder, sending the torpedo on its' way.

He single- handily save the crew of U boat 69 and was given the Distinguished Grimace Award for gallantry and bravery. Ike himself presented Hank with a lifetime supply of Swisher Sweets.

As for payback for the tattoo on Rod's chest, you'll notice that Keith Richards has worn a bandanna for the better part of 30 years. That's because Rod and Hank kidnapped him on the '78 tour and told him they were taking him to Vegas.

When Mr. Richards woke up three days later, he was duct- taped to the toilet in the back of Bump's Bait and Tattoo Parlor with "Rod's a God" neatly applied across his forehead in fresh, black ink. Talk about a tribute.....