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Who Made Who- An Afternoon with Angus.

Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus.

Scene one, act one.
As a tape recorder rolls in the background ,Lee and Ray look at the blueprints of a posh, upscale hotel in Buckhead, Ga. "Good Morning 'Elks", your assignment today is to infiltrate the downtown headquarters of AC/DC. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get photographic evidence of the new Angus Young Signature SG with your secret spy camera cuff links, all the while avoiding detection and/or capture. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds." And with that, smoke filled the 'Elkmobile and the tape and the instructions were destroyed.

  • Photo 1.
  • This is our target objective, Angus Young!

  • Photo 2.
  • This is our inside man, "Ace". Ace is the guy that set us up with the official hotel uniforms to allow Ray and I to walk around undetected. Lesson I: In the espionage game, being stealthy is the only way to survive.

  • Photo 3.
  • This grandiose foyer is the place we met our inside man, "Carlos". As you can see in the photo, he is sitting there, looking nonchalant. At this point, Ray and I get the scoop on the security and the diagrams to all exits. Lesson II: Discretion.

  • Photos 4 & 5.
  • These photo's are very significant indeed. Once again, it's all about the exit strategy and the theory of "if it can go wrong, it will." Like it is for the philandering male looking for a window to climb out when the unexpected husband arrives home early, so it is in the world of the Double- Naught spy. Lesson III. Escapability.

  • Photo 6.
  • In this photo Ray has successfully infiltrated the enemy's camp. How did Ray do this you ask? With a pack of Kool Menthol 100's and a case of Ho- Ho snack cakes. This is all in a day's work for Ray. I asked William Casey, the head of the CIA about my partners dominance in this field of expertise. Casey: "Infiltration and tactical deception are a lost art and Ray just had a natural propensity for the subject." Lesson IV. Be approachable and blend in. Be a Chameleon.

  • Photo 7
  • Final objective:
    At last, through much trial and tribulation and not to mention the many months of test rehearsals and uniform malfunctions,(I'm a giant, if you haven't noticed) the elevator stops on the second floor. Disguised as bellhops, Ray and I slip down a darkly- lit hallway en route to the Magnolia room. Elevated heart rates and sweaty palms preceded us as we took our place in the elegant atrium. Ray and I stood there until, out of nowhere a gruff voice broke the silence. "Hey you two chuckleheads, set these stands up." Not wanting to blow our cover, we silently did as we were told and Ray, being short and having severe control issues dove right in, placing 50 guitar stands in the exact positions that befitted the arrival of a Rock dignitary. After Ray checked and rechecked, (with the assistance of his government issued global satellite positioning belt buckle), he then gave me the thumbs up, as if to say he was confident everything was perfect. At that moment, our inside man, "Mr.P" arrived with two goons that blotted out the sky. Right in the middle of the two behemoths was Angus Young. With all the commotion, it allowed me time to get the photo of the guitars to complete our final objective. Angus unassumingly strolled in and after some pleasantries where exchanged, Ray and I excused ourselves- deadlines you know. The Chief wanted those pictures immediately, or as he put it, "Ray and I would be put on Penguin detail in the Baltic straights." Being in the Double- Naught spy game isn't always glamorous you know....

    Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus. Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus. Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus. Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus. Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus. Who Made Who-  An Afternoon with Angus.