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Return of the Super Heros

Return of the Super Heros

It's hot and sticky as Ray and I venture out into the early evening hours of August 13Th, 1973. The sun is just beginning to set as we walk to the front of a decrepit, old New York City hotel, this one being the Hotel Diplomat (don't look for it, it's not there anymore...) at 116 West 43rd Street (just West of 6Th Avenue), New York City, NY. The focal point tonight is to take in a show from the hottest local band to hit the city in quite some time. As the concert venue fills, Ray and I take our seats in the dimly- lit concert hall. While Ray's content to have yet another sample of Germany's best adult beverage, I'm trying to squeeze my 6'3 frame into a tiny seat (the inherent disadvantage of being a giant). No sooner did I get my behind seated when the stage lights dimmed. The voice thundering over the PA startled me and I thought it was the trumpets of Gabriel signifying that the Lord was taking us right then and there. The voice said, "You wanted the best, you got the best- the hottest band in the land, "Smooch."" The crowed was electric, the ensuing roar was deafening and the band hit the stage while lights flashed, bombs exploded and confetti cascaded down on us like manna from Heaven. Ray and I looked at each other and flashed the devil horns with a grin as if to say, " It's another hot night for Rock-n-Roll." The show was nothing short of spectacular and the girls really put it all out there, closing the night with four encores. With that, the house lights went up signifying the concert was over and with ears still ringing, Ray and I make our way into the hustling, eclectic streets of New York City. We were now bound and determined to catch the girl's next offering on Jan, 18. at the legendary Fillmore East....

  • Photo 2.
  • This historic shot is the earliest photo of the girls taken by then- unknown photographer Ross Halfin. From left to right: Alie Simmons, Jenny Criss, Lauren Frehley and Erica Stanley. On a side note, Ray and I tried out for the band, but we didn't meet the minimum requirement set by the band: you must have a "B" cup. Isn't that sexism?

  • Photo 3.
  • This is where the girls rehearsed and lived back in the Spring of '73, the infamous Ho-Jo. Nestled between 105th and 1st Ave, this was the sight of the historic band auditions. This is the very place that Lauren Frehley walked in wearing (her now legendary) red and orange Chuck Taylor Converse tennis shoes and changed rock history.

  • Photo 4.
  • This is the only known photo of Alie Simmons without her trademark "demon" makeup. This photo was taken by John Phillips for the National Enquirer and you might remember that issue; It's the one with Richard Nixon on the cover, with the subtitles of "Nixon Administration Made Me Sterile", "Aliens Watched Let's Make a Deal and Then Ate My TV Dinner" and "Henry Kissinger's a Cross Dresser." A classic read! Incidentally, an injunction was filed By Alie against the National Enquirer for invasion of privacy, which was later dropped. When Judge McNamara was asked about why the suit was dropped, he replied, "She's a public figure and that how it goes."

  • Photo 5.
  • This photo of the group today and it's obvious to us that they must have made a deal with the devil, because these ladies have not aged one bit in 36 years. No wrinkles, no gray hair, no nothing and that lends itself to the theory that they may not even be human- they may be aliens from another planet and if that's the case, Ray and I are saving up for two seats on the next shuttle launch. Maybe they'll let us be roadies or groupies or something....

    Return of the Super Heros Return of the Super Heros Return of the Super Heros Return of the Super Heros