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Nashville, 2009- Cheap Trick, Bronco Billy and the Confederate Colonel

Nashville, 2009- Cheap Trick, Bronco Billy and the Confederate Colonel

This year's Nashville show was like over- easy eggs; they're always the same and they're always pretty good (with a little salt and pepper). The crowd was pretty steady for a cold, December day and regardless of it being one of the biggest days in college football, a good number of folks showed up and stayed for the duration (except the Alabama fans- they wouldn't have missed that game with Florida if you gave your whole booth away for free). Of course, Lee and I just had to hang out with two of the guys in Cheap Trick- such is the labor of our love. Now, onto the last shizzy of the yizzy!

  • Photo 1.
  • These two gentlemen eased into the show on dealer day and at first, we just thought they were another couple of guys from a local garage band. There was no hype or gaggle of "handlers" accompanying them, no blaring trumpets to announce their arrival or 24"- rimmed Escalades double- parked in front of the door. Nope, they just cruised on in and as Lee and I were walking around the room, looking for an ABR-1 prototype, Lee nudged me and said, "That's Rick and Tom". I turned around and sho 'nuff, it was indeed Rick Nielson and Tom Petersson of the multi- million album selling band, Cheap Trick. They met when forming the group, "Fuse" ( which was the predecessor to Cheap Trick) in 1967 and you have to admit, 42 years together as band mates is quite the rare accomplishment in itself! We chatted with them for a few minutes and let them go to look at guitars, but not before snapping this picture and learning a dark secret: it was disclosed to us by one of these gentlemen that they are the original "Burst Brothers". You didn't hear it here first, but we're just sayin'- we heard it from the proverbial horse's mouth....

  • Photo 2.
  • What happens when a farmer walks into a chicken coop and starts throwin' corn? You be the judge....

  • Photo 3.
  • This is Bob from Blue collar guitars. He likes sharp things and if you see Bob, I suggest that you run. He must be Bob, just read his shirt. It can't be Larry, cause he is scary and a little hairy who in fact, hangs out with Mary and eats berries.

  • Photo 4.
  • Many of you astute movie buffs will recognize the man in this photo from the many movies he was in throughout his illustrious, 20- year film career. This man needs no introduction and for the few of you who don't know him, let me introduce you all to Mr. Dino Bradley. Who could forget Dino's supporting role as Wild Bill Hickok in Bronco Billy? As you may recall, Dino was snubbed at the 1980 Academy Awards when Timothy Hutton won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in "Ordinary People". After the ceremonies, there was altercation between Dino and Timothy Hutton; A fisticuffs ensued when Timothy reportedly said, "Not only did I get the Oscar, but I also snaked your girl." Timothy and Debra Winger married a short time after that, but not without a wedding gift loving applied to Timothy's noggin by Dino. Needless to say, "Dino was not invited" says Rona Barrett of the Tomorrow show. Although the year of 1980 was the apex of his career, the early years had it's memorable moments as well. Portraying the role of "Pvt. Little Joe" in Kelly's Heroes, he was unforgettable and that Yugoslavian accent? Breath taking. Here's a memorable quote from that movie. Little Joe: "Who's Joe?" Can you not see the brilliance of Dino's acting? It's so subtle and understated. After his role in Bronco Billy (perfection personified in my option) and the snub at the Academy Awards, Dino closed the chapter on his illustrious acting career. Ray and I caught up with Dino in Nashville last weekend and the first thing I asked him was if he missed the movie set, the accolades and the award ceremonies. Dino emphatically replied, "Not at all. I miss the ladies and the backstage banquets and that's it." What about the fans I ask? Dino told me, "I still get fan mail every now and then and on one weekend of each month, I reprise my role from Bronco Billy at the Tennessee state fair. Friends, that brought tears to my eyes. Ride Wild Bill, Ride....

  • Photo 5.
  • In light of the recent developments with one of the world's top golfers, Tiger Woods, we decided that it was time for the 'Elk to step in and put an end to all this nonsense. Let's put aside the old "boys will be boys" thing, we think it is time to dispatch one of the hallowed members of the 'Elk Nation Hall of Fame to be Tiger's new official handler and boy, are we sending a doozy. This grizzled gentleman is none other than Colonel Beauregard Rustus Worthington III and we just call him Col. Rusty for short. He carries a Super RedDuck .67 Magnum Squirrel Decimator under that officer's coat and the bullets for this thing are as big as garbage cans. Look into his eyes- there is no foolin' around in there and as we speak, he's en route to the Woods compound in Southern Florida. Here's how he works: Tiger gets cleaned up and says he's going out for a night on the town with the boys. BLAMMO- Col. Rusty just blew his head clean off. Elin Woods swishes into the kitchen and tells Tiger she needs a few thousand dollars to go grocery shopping? KABLOOEY- Col. Rusty blows her carcass clean across the kitchen. Those ladies on "The View" call to schedule an appearance by the Woods family on their show? ZING, POW, WHOOF, BOOM- Col' Rusty just sent them all to that great henhouse in the sky. Tiger tries to run over another fire hydrant with his yacht? You get the idea- no more Ben Hogan Opens for ol' Eldrick and the boat is going down. Col. Rusty is here to keep the peace and nobody's going to cross him. In case you're wondering, he eats his grits with salt, not sugar and takes redeye gravy over an open biscuit....any questions?

    Nashville, 2009- Cheap Trick, Bronco Billy and the Confederate Colonel Nashville, 2009- Cheap Trick, Bronco Billy and the Confederate Colonel Nashville, 2009- Cheap Trick, Bronco Billy and the Confederate Colonel Nashville, 2009- Cheap Trick, Bronco Billy and the Confederate Colonel