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Nashville, June 2010

Nashville, June 2010

We'd be remiss if we always painted rosy pictures of the places and things we travel to all year, every year. By now, you should expect the truth from us and by crackey, we feel an obligation to present just that, whether it's what you would like to hear or what we'd like to say. As the saying goes, "It is what it is". In that light, this year's Summer Nashville show was somewhat disappointing. The dealer turnout was strong and the room was full, but the public turnout was low and there weren't many guitars coming into the door for sale. Since we can't blame it on football, we'll assume that folks were just cutting grass or fishin'. I will say this: the nicest guitar that walked into the show was a one- owner, near- mint 1965 Martin D-28 with one of the most exceptional bookmatched Brazilian backs you've ever seen and you can bet your last can of Skoal that it came right over to our booth. It's now safely in the 'Elk vault until my birthday, when Lee will let me play my best rendition of "Simple Man" and then put it up again. Ah, the life of a bass player....Our weekend was interesting, quick and presentable in six pictures, so here it comes!

Photo 1.We were just about 10 minutes out of Lee's driveway and starting our trip when Lee said to me, "Hey man, turn around- I think I saw a truck in the ditch with it's lights on". I immediately accused him of eating mushrooms and after griping about trying to keep some semblance of a schedule, I turned the 'Elkmobile around and we started looking for this "imaginary" truck in a ditch. Sure as shootin', we saw this Chevy S-10 down an embankment, nose up against two pine trees and stopped the van. I called 911 and Lee looked into the cab. The driver was slumped over, as if either passed out or asleep and by the time I got through explaining to the operator what was going on, he had woke up and was digging around in the cab of the truck. Then, he got out and started rummaging around in the truckbox behind the cab. Lee told him to sit down and be cool, help was on the way. Believe me folks when I say this guy was not on the planet when we spoke to him, He was babbling about doing a service call and "looking for the house". Yeah, right. So, two fine officers from the Georgia State Patrol arrive and begin to assess the situation. You would rather have the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal crash your wedding than have these two guys show up. Next thing we know, they have this guy tilting his head back and sticking out his tongue. They walk up the hill and one of them says to the other, "I see white powder in his nose and when I ask him about drugs, he looks away". Folks, there are no more dire words spoken than two Georgia cops talking about you having blow in your nose and holding up traffic on a Friday morning on a North Georgia highway. I'll wrap this up simply; Somebody's going to have a bad couple of months and ultimately be introduced to the fine art of picking up cans on the side of the road.......

Photo 2. Lee and I are huge Atlanta Falcons fans, so this fact will explain the following observation. As we were driving to the show, we saw a trailer that said "Please Welcome Your New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders". Being red- blooded American males, we got just a tad excited and I immediately yelled for Lee to grab the camera in the hopes of getting a couple of shots of your Superbowl Champion cheerleaders and maybe an autograph or two. Well, this is the shot we got and it begs the question: Is it possible to hold a pen with a hoof....?

To be continued..

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