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Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas!

Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas!

This year's Arlington Guitar Show was interesting, to say the least. Not only was the show going on, but the Rangers and the Yankees were gettin' it on across the street on Friday and Saturday and being true sons of the South, you know we're rooting for the Rangers. We met some friends, both old and new and as always, drug a van full of cool guitars and amps back to the 'Elkcave. Whether it happens every show or not, we always keep the chins high and expect to come home, triumphant. Heck, after 6 days on the road, we're just glad to get back to Georgia, but enough of the preamble- let's get to the show report!

Photo 1. From the 6th floor of the Sheraton hotel, this was the view we awakened to every morning. This glorious sight was what got us started each day and no matter what happened along the way, we started each day with a smile. A simple reflection, if you will...

Photo 2. Aliens from Mars, you ask? Nope- these are the Dallas Cowboy eggs that Jerry Jones has incubating on the roof of the Sheraton. After witnessing this year's 1-4 start, he had these Cowboy eggs placed at a position to achieve maximum sunlight and temperature. If the winter's not too cold this year, these eggs will hatch and next year's team will consist of Baby Aikman, Baby Smith, Baby Irvin, baby Sanders and most importantly, Baby Romo to call the backup plays. Looks like 2011 could be a good year for the Jones boys...

Photo 3. This is Nicolai Schneekloth, owner and founder of . He has created what is the fastest growing musical instrument website in Europe and we are proud to be a part of this exciting new venture. It's well laid out and easy to navigate- please go over and check it out. We think this presence "across the water" will be good for us and hopefully help Nicolai's site continue to grow and flourish.

Photo 4. This is Ben Bunker and Rex Brown of the hottest new band in Texas, Arms of the Sun. We've had the privilege to hear their new material firsthand and I must say, the future looks dang bright for these guys. They're all veterans of the music biz and know their way around a guitar very well, so look for their debut album coming soon- it's worth checking out for sure!

Photo 5. This is Frank Pine, creator of the world- famous "Less Tall Guitars". He's pictured here with a new Octave Guitar on the left and one of his original Less Tall guitars on the right. The detail work on these pieces is nothing less than stunning and bright to light what a true craftsman Frank is. He even hand- crafts the miniature Lifton cases! This is art in it's truest form and a great example of one man's love and dedication to the mighty Les Paul. We met Frank on the MyLesPaul forum and it's always been a pleasure to chat with him about his creation. If you would like to see his work in detail and get a little history, check out his website, . If you love Les Pauls, you'll love his site. Good to see you, Frank and keep up the fine work!

Photo 6. You want to make us sit up and pay attention? Play some KISS and see what happens. Lee and I are two of the biggest KISS fans on the planet and when we saw Baby KISS at our booth, it warmed our hearts to no end. This is the future of your planet, people and this child will ensure that the KISS Army lives on long after the original generation has died out. You can't stop KISS and you can't hope to contain them!

Photo 7. Here's our #1 fan, Ms. Janice Gayle with Rex at the 'Elk Booth on Sunday. Let me tell you- if there is anybody that loves Lee and I like no other, it's Janice. Whenever we're in Texas, she comes by the booth to help us with the mundane chores of a show like putting tongues back into mouths, waving my hands in front of staring eyes and picking up $100 dollar bills whenever they fall out of our pockets. We love us some Janice and now have to wait six months to get our "Texas Honey" fix on. Is it 172 days and counting, Janice?

Photo 8. It's probably a blessing that, after walking around on concrete for 8 hours, you can get a soothing massage to help ease your weary bones. But, the dark secret behind this particular massage booth is that, if you place you face into the head cradle, you can be transported back to a time of your choosing. At least that's what we told our very own venerable U- Boat Captain, Mr Hank Sable. We told him that if he placed his head into this cradle, he could go back to that storied time when he briefly commanded the U.S.S. Butterlion and if he wanted to change history, he would be able to. 'Ol Hank fell for this like a hungry catfish and jumped into the supposed "time machine chair". The poor lady that ran the place thought it was just another guy that wanted his shoulders rubbed and started in on 'ol Hank's upper lactoids like there was no tomorrow. Now, the real okey- doke of this story comes into effect. It was right about this time that the noted gunslinger, Lanky Lee Jackson came strolling by like he didn't have a care in the world- he may have been counting ceiling tiles for all I know. Anyway, he eased by me watching 'ol Hank getting his rub on and asked, "Hey Cub, what goin' on"? I said, "'Ol Hank's got hisself stuck in a time machine body- rub chair. If we can squeeze him into the facemask of that thing, he can go back in time to 1943 and win the great Battle of the ButterLion". Lee said, "No kiddin'"? and I nodded in affirmation. I told the tall Mr. Jackson that maybe he should help our dear friend reach the past and without a word, Lee ran over to the massage chair and commenced to pushing and squeezing 'ol Hank into that catcher's mask. Hank started wheezin' and gruntin' and turning blue- I got worried in a quick way that something was wrong, so I did what I thought was the best thing at the time: I snapped this picture and ran into the other room. Nobody at the show heard anything for the rest of the weekend, but when I walked by the massage chair at the end of the day, the only thing left of 'ol Hank was a smokin' shoe on the floor...I wonder if we'll see him at the Philly show next month?

Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas! Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas! Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas! Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas! Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas! Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas! Arlington, 2010- High Times in Texas!