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Casa De 'Elk- Orlando 2011

Casa De 'Elk-  Orlando 2011

Like conquering conquistadors, Ray and I set sail for the Americas, the "New Land" if you will. Like an old married couple, we get in the van and before that modern miracle of turning the key to ignite the engine takes place, the first order of business is the check list,which is a pregame ritual between us that has been here as long as I can remember. Ray: " Do you have your phone, wallet, pressed shirts, battery charger, etc, etc?" 'Kinda like Monty Hall, Ray is. I expect him to say to me one day, "I'll give you a hundred dollars if you can produce a bird call or a 1912 buffalo nickel". After he is satisfied that I haven't been remiss in my duties, the customary slapping of hands takes place and then (and only then) does the van move. Anticipations always run high as Ray (my trusty sidekick and might I add, navigator) guides the sleek green 'Elk-mobile down Hwy 75 with ease. This show is the first "official" event of the year for us and the allure of sunny skies and palm trees swaying in the wind is surely the antidote needed to ease the tensions of a long cold winter, not to mention the show is in Orlando. Who could be unhappy in the majestic land of the Magical Kingdom?

  • Photo 1:
  • Unlike any other show that we do, this is the only only one where as the boys all chip in together to rent a palatial estate.

  • Photo 2:
  • This is our tour guide, the incomparable Johnny D. He is to us what Mr. Roarke was to Fantasy Island- "The Director". When the boys all arrive at the house, there a drink is poured, followed by our host's salutations. "My dear guests, I am Johnny D, your host. Welcome to Fantasy Island." The toast is usually followed with a warm smile but depending on the nature of a guest or their fantasy, a slight narrowing of the eyes that would show concern or worry for a guest's safety. Kinda like when Ray dreams of being stranded in a hot tub with a bowl full of Viagra, a snorkel and the Kardashian sisters...

  • Photo 3:
  • As you can see, Johnny D could not grant Ray's wish to be in a sauna with the Kardashian sisters. But, he did grant Ray the hot tub and our very own "Uncle Bradley" as a consolation. Ray didn't seem to mind, as he is unassuming in that way. As long as the drinks flowed, the story grows longer.

  • Photo 4:
  • This, my friends is one Mr.Trevor Isetts. He is the owner of Boulevard Music in Spartanburg, SC. and also the official taste tester for Corona beer. Ray and I were curious as to how Trevor got this lucrative gig and when asked, Trevor, or as he know in the streets "Daquon Fa Nay Nay" said that he submitted a jingle to the Corona beer company and the prize for first place happened to be a lifetime supply of beer, a semi-annual trip to Daytona Beach to judge the wet T-shirt contest and a Spuds Mckenzie look- alike dog. Sounds good there Daquon- I would reveal the jingle, but considering Daquon did have that lifetime supply of beer, well I just can't remember.

  • Photo 5:
  • This, my friends is what our booth looks like at any of the guitar shows we attend. *Note the Ace Frehley Les Paul in the shot. We had just picked that girl up when this photo was taken. Shock me anyone?

    Casa De 'Elk-  Orlando 2011 Casa De 'Elk-  Orlando 2011 Casa De 'Elk-  Orlando 2011 Casa De 'Elk-  Orlando 2011 Casa De 'Elk-  Orlando 2011