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Memphis: A City of Kings..

Memphis:  A City of Kings..

  • There are many sights to see in Memphis and Beale street always comes to mind when thinking of Memphis right? Or, how about a short stack at Rendezvous or going over to the Peabody hotel to watch the ducks do the now famous "march to the elevator"? What about Graceland? Does this sound a bit "touristy"? Yes it does and besides, I've already done all that and so was anxious to see other attractions on my most recent trip. So, with the help of a famous Memphis Native, I set out to see the other attractions in town....

  • Photo 1- This is the historic Arcade restaurant located on S. Main street. It is Memphis' oldest diner and continues to serve a thriving downtown area since 1918.

  • Photo 2- As I looked in the window of this storied landmark, I could see in my mind's eye, Elvis ordering two eggs over easy with flapjacks and a side order of bananas, what else? As an interesting side note, scenes from Mystery Train, Great Balls of Fire, The Client, The Firm, 21 Grams, Elizabethtown, Walk the Line, and My Blueberry Nights, to name a few, have all been filmed in the restaurant. Talk about history.

  • Photo 3-This is Humes High School. Those of you who know your history will instantly recognize this as where a young "King" went to school from 1948 to 1953. This photo features a front shot of the Humes High enseignant. "I'm all shook up",Uh-huh-huh.

  • Photo 4- This is The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the school that Priscilla attended. Elvis convinced her father to let her live in Memphis so that he could not only take care of her, but "preserve her virtue". Ooh, yeah..

  • Photos 5 through 8- This is the Lorraine Motel and National Civil Rights Museum. Before it was designated a museum, this site bore witness to the grisly murder of a known man of peace. On April 4, 1968 a single shot rang out from the upstairs loft of lone gunman James Earl Ray and the world was stunned as a voice was silenced. As you can see in the photos, this is a place lost in time. Everything in room 306 remains as it was back in 1968: The cars, hotel grounds and even the coffee cups and cigarettes remain as were on the day MLK died. Friends, it's haunting. Now you know why I call this the city of Kings. One king lived here, while two kings fell there. Tragic.

  • Memphis:  A City of Kings.. Memphis:  A City of Kings.. Memphis:  A City of Kings.. Memphis:  A City of Kings.. Memphis:  A City of Kings.. Memphis:  A City of Kings.. Memphis:  A City of Kings..