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Les Paul Special
Featured Guitar
Item: 1957 .Gibson Les Paul Special
Price: $11,995.00

** NEW ARRIVAL ** Today class, we will be speaking on the Power of Seduction. When I think on seduction, I think of Casanova. Yeah, that guy, known worldwide even today for his prowess in seducing women. Dude, we are speaking of a guy that was born in 1725. Talk about leaving your mark on this world, this guy did it in spades. From the journals in his book, "Story of my Life", said tale was told:

As the story goes, Casanova entered a pub one night. The woman he saw before him captivated everyone in the room, even himself. Her beauty far exceeded his ability to possess such a lovely creature, or did it? Casanova (well, being Casanova) introduced himself only to find that this lovely plaything was an actress, but one with a distinct Achilles' heel. She was an actress with a speech impediment- she couldn't enunciate the consonant "R."

Armed with knowledge of this, he excused himself from her presence and went home. My business partner's wife always says, "It's all in the approach," and the chosen approach in this case was for Casanova to write this beautiful woman a play. Here's the caveat: The play was written with the exclusion of any words that contained the letter "R." So, when she performed the play, she was flawless.

I suppose Casanova could had done what most men would have- try futilely to get her knickers down and then throw her some change for a speech therapist. No, therein lies the mastery of strategic thinking. The point is, he identified her needs and filled them like no other.

We are speaking of seduction. Isn't that one of the reasons many of you chose to be a guitarist? The power of seduction and some of you know exactly where I'm coming from. Tasty licks and the right mixture of pouting Rock god bravado has intoxicated more young lasses than all of Paul Stanley's "Aww Yeahs."

As for this tasty baby right here? Well, you guys have been coming here for a long, long time, so with that being said, you know she is all original and from a one- owner pedigree deep in south Texas. She weighs in at 7 lbs, 8 oz, with the right string spacing and height to impress even the most discriminating enthusiast. This Special has to be as exciting as that debutante Casanova was ogling in the pub that night. Seduction? Boys, they teach it to women in "secret girl school" real early. You go ahead and don't believe it for one second as your paying for that dinner for a chick you met just yesterday. Why? Because baby boy, you don't possess strategic thinking and that is the very reason you need this guitar. It's called turning the tables. One last thing: Don't forget to pout your lips like Paul Stanley taught you in "secret Rock God School."

Now come on- I know you can do better than that...

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