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Rex Brown
Rex Brown
Item Purchased: Slash VOS Les Paul

This was an interesting deal and one well worth the wait. We met up with our boy Rex out in Texas right before the Dallas guitar show and one of the last things he said before he kicked us out of his house was, " I need a Les Paul". Well, Lee was talking to him the other day and they began to discuss this Slash VOS. It seems that before Down heads out to do the festivals in Europe this summer, Rex has accepted the guitarist's slot in a travelling German polka band. The requirements were: he had to have a Les Paul Standard (which we took care of), he had to be able to drink 5 liters of dark German festival beer in under two minutes and he had to get a set of custom- made German lederhosen to match the uniform the rest of the band wore onstage. As I said before, the guitar was no problem and everybody that drinks beer in Texas loves dark German beer, so the second requirement could easily be met but what to do about the lederhosen? Where in this great land of ours could a man get a pair of those? In order to be the full- service company we say we are, I made a call to my wife's great- aunt Helga. Aunt Helga has been hand- sewing lederhosen for the past 45 years and when I explained to her what we needed, she told me that it would be no problem to make them and would I like them in the traditional color of green? Now, Rex never told us what color he needed for his new German polka band and it was at that very moment when a small devil popped up on my right shoulder so I told her what color I'd like and where to ship them. Now, here comes the treat; The next time you're visiting central Texas and look in the paper under the entertainment section, you may see an advertisement for Herr Helgenberger's Large and Excellent German Polka Allstars. Please take the time to go down to the local stadthalle, because there you'll find six guys and two girls rolling out the best polka music ever played on a stage and wearing forest green lederhosen. The kicker is, the guy with the Slash Les Paul slung down to his knees will be wearing lederhosen as well, but his will be purple with pink "polka" dots, no pun intended....