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The Mysterious Mr. E.
The Mysterious Mr. E.
Item Purchased: All things pertaining to Cactus and Cowboys

The Mysterious Mr. E rode into town on his beautiful black steed. An ominous wind blew in from the plains as he made his dismount. Dressed in black, he was tired after a full day's ride and certainly not in the mood for Rays and my jocularity. With steely eyes, Mr.E. loosened his gun strap and said, "Boys, I'm a staking my claim for that there Roy Rogers geetar what I read about on your website". He went on to say, how he imagined himself strummin' this beautiful guitar next to the campfire and how it would come in handy when he's got courtin' on his mind. Then, in a jimmy minute and without cause or provocation, he dropped a weathered, leather bag at our feet, mounted Ol' Blackie (his steed) and rode back off into the sunset, with the Roy Rogers in tow. Befuddled, we opened the leather bag and found the following contents: One bird call, a civil war flask, a tattered Calvary hat band and 8 thousand dollars' worth of Confederate bearer bonds. The good news is that Ray and I live in the South, so I think we can still barter with the confederate money. You know, kinda like trading chickens and pies. Our thanks go out to that rootin'- tootin' cowboy in black: the one and only, the incomparablly Mysterious Mr.E.....

There is a $500.00 reward given the first hombre that can produce a full frontal shoot of the Mysterious Mr. E. Get your cameras out because war has been declared!!