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CSM (ret) Joseph Rasmussen
CSM (ret) Joseph Rasmussen
Item Purchased: Ibanez Rocket Roll II

Sometimes, we meet people at a guitar show and you know they are important from the first words they speak; They have an air of importance and we immediately get the feeling that they are responsible for big and high- powered things in life. That's not the case with Command Sergeant Major Rasmussen and he was so laid back and unassuming at the Colombia guitar show, we had no idea who we were even talking to when he and his wife eased into the 'Elk booth. The man that stood before us led a battalion of tanks into what was dubbed "Thunder Run" in Iraq, 2003 and ultimately finished two tours of duty in that country. It should also be known that the rank of Command Sergeant Major is the highest achievable rank among enlisted men in the Army, so when Lee and I found out just who he was, we were both excited and somewhat in awe. It's exactly times like these that there's nothing to but give a man the respect he deserves and we would like to take this opportunity to do just that to Sergeant Major Rasmussen for his service to this country and call to duty. These are rare men in this day and age and we are extremely proud to call him a member of our humble 'Elk Nation. He did buy this Rocket Roll and after spending a little time with us, took Lee and I outside and treated us to a two- gear, Z- rated tire burning, sideways exit in his SS Camaro. You can bet that we both just stood there for a minute.......grinnin'.