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Hank "U- Boat Captain" Sable
Item Purchased:

This is a picture of a more relaxed man in a more relaxed time. But back in the spring of 1943, Hank Sable was the Commander at the helm of the USS Lion Fish and only took orders from Admiral William "Bull" Halsey. Admiral Halsey, or as the enlisted men referred to him, "The Bull" knew that, when tensions escalated in the Pacific theater it would be time to send in America's secret weapon, "Hank". Up until a few years ago, the number of enemy subs and Merchant ships sunk by the crew of the Lion Fish was classified; Many years have passed and we now know the totality of numbers and sheer domination of the enemy fleet under the rigid command of Captain Sable. As Americans, we salute you, "Captain Hank" for your bravery in the face of the evil empire. Coincidentally, Steven Spielberg is making a feature link film entitled "Battle in the Pacific and Where's My Damn Cigar" to commemorate Hank's herculean effort in the Pacific Campaign. Ironically enough, Hank's favorite actor, Ernest Borgnine is slated to play the role of Captain Hank and if that wasn't enough, Congress held a special session to declare April 14th "Ol' Hank Day". Now that, my friends is living a life with purpose. Congratulations, Hank and have a Swisher Sweet on us.....