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A. R. Duchossoir
A. R. Duchossoir
Item Purchased: 2- Vintage Gibson Lap Steels

We have clients all over the world: some are famous, some are movies stars and some are well- known musicians but this particular member was unknown to us until very recently. He had, through a purchaser bought two vintage Gibson lap steels from us to include in his new book although we didn't know this at the time of the sales. Last week, he bought a Les Paul for his son and like we do with all our clients, we asked for a photo to include on the 'Elk Nation page of our website. 'Lo and behold, this picture arrived and we quickly realized that the newest member of our herd was none other than Mr. A. R. Duchossoir, storied author, publisher and acknowledged leading authority on vintage guitars and laps steels. Talk about reaching the "top of the mountain"! We are pleased and proud to present the Man himself wearing a GrinningElk T- shirt and while for once, we may be at a loss for words, the photo says it all.