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Prof. Johnny Hancock
Prof. Johnny Hancock
Item Purchased: 2008 Musicman Stingray HH

Friday afternoon was a pleasant surprise for me for two reasons: First, we had a new client coming out to the 'Elkcave to look at this bass and second, we had a client coming out to look at a BASS. This meant that I didn't have to talk about fretboard radius's, nut widths, weight or color. I knew that when Johnny arrived, all I had to do was plug this bass into an amp and hand it to him- he would do the rest and that's what is so cool about bass players: We are pretty basic about our gear, all we need to know is how a bass plays and sounds when strapped on and every one of you 10 million guitarists need us. So there- it was "bass- day" here at the 'Elk and I was ready. Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? Of course you have and when Johnny stepped out of his car on arrival, my first thought was that he was a local contender for the UFC Featherweight championship. Not an ounce of fat on him and he was accompanied by his exceptionally beautiful girlfriend, Gina. Here's how easy it is between bass players: They walk down into the office and Johnny picks up the bass. "I'm buying it" he said and then he plays it for a while and we start talking about basses, bands we were in and those great "old days". Gina, on the other hand was given to task of paying attention to my lovable, but sorry excuse for a watchdog Golden Retriever who continued to pace and growl in the middle of us until somebody pets her. Everything is great, but in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that if this gentleman doesn't leave here very happy, he's going to put my fat behind into some kind of pinky toe submission hold and I'll end up paying him to take the bass just to stop the pain. Come to find out, Mr. Hancock is a college English professor and I can recall thinking that if my English teachers looked like this, I would have made straight A's for fear of getting a good beating. Calmed by the newly- found discovery of his profession, I showed Johnny some more basses, we talked about our love of old Fender Jazzes and then, just like that, he and Gina were off for a night on the town. So, it's with great aplomb that we have decided to bestow Professor Hancock with the official title of "'Elk Minister of Education" and if those descriptions and grammar aren't correct from now on, you can attend English night classes or have your elbow stuck in your ear- it's your choice.....Thanks, Johnny for a great visit and purchase on this Stingray. Come back anytime- you're always welcome here!