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Sir Theodore Seckinger
Sir Theodore Seckinger
Item Purchased: All things cool

If David G.Smith is the oldest member of the 'Elk Nation and was the one alongside Moses when he brought the tablets down off Mt.Sinai, then Sir Theodore Seckinger was the one that sat at King Arthur's round table and succeeded Sir Lancelot to ride with the king on his quest for the holy grail. A little know fact about Mr.Seckinger is that he is a world- renowned author and tracker of the "Meh-Teh", or in layman's terms, the Himalayan Yeti. Ted has pursued these wooded Devils from the interior of British Columbia to Malaysia and all points in between. In 1989, Ted was commended by the APA Board of Scientific Affairs for the discovery of a rare variation of Yeti indigenous to the Southern United States. The often read about but never documented, Mulleted Yeti. According to Ted, he was attending Summer Southern Jam '89 when he had his now infamous, first encounter with the Mullet Yeti. An eyewitness on the scene reported that Ted was bumping and grinding to Molly Hatchet's "Gator Country" when the altercation occurred. It's seems the beast bumped into to him and inadvertently caused Ted to spill his Budweiser on the guy in front of him, causing a 250- person melee. Ted, being scientific and all did manage to get the only known shot of the mulleted beast and as a result was awarded the Noble Peace Price for photography and as a surprise to all, Slayer wrote "Rain in Yeti Blood" in honor of Ted's exploits. Rumor has it that Ted is now staking out the Dodge Charger swap meet in Kennesaw Ga. to see if the Mulleted Yeti returns. Good luck with that, Ted and if you need backup, Ray and I will bring our 25th Anniversary copy of Street Survivors, to lure that elusive creature into your snare. We hear they just can't resist it. Now give me back my bullets....