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Paul Frischmann
Paul Frischmann
Item Purchased: 2001 Les Paul R8

"It's all in the details". Have you ever heard that saying? Well, we sell guitars to lawyers, doctors, engineers, plumbers and everybody in between but every once in a while, we meet a guitar player that wants to know why. Our newest Elk, Mr. Paul Frischmann is one of those guys: a great player and tone guru who is on the quest for that "holy grail" and has the ability to not only seek it out, but to actually create it. He's hand- building his own version of a Dumble and we can't wait to see the heights to which he takes this '01 R8. Paul, it was a great pleasure having you here and we thank you for coming by and just making our humble 'Elkcave a "little bit cooler" place to hang out!