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Sam Bass
Sam Bass
Item Purchased: NASCAR Les Pauls

We met this quiet and unassuming gentleman at the Charlotte Guitar show and the words "don't judge a book by its cover" have never rang truer! He and his friend, Gerald came to our booth and the conversation began with, "Hi, I'm Sam". We had no idea that we were standing in front of the legendary Sam Bass, chief graphics artist for NASCAR for the last 25 years! This is the man that changed the face of NASCAR and took it from the "black and white" look of old to the explosion of color and design we see today. He was also the man responsible for the 1993 "Rainbow Warrior" design on Jeff Gordon's #24 Dupont Chevy and will go down in history as the first "officially" licensed artist for NASCAR. Sam also has a great love of guitars and was the graphics designer for the Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jr. and Richard Petty model Les Pauls. He's pictured here, holding one of his rarest creations and we are so very proud to call him a member of the 'Elk Nation. Now, if we can just get him to help us reduce the drag coefficient of the 'Elkmobile, we'll all be in high cotton. It was our distinct pleasure to meet you and Gerald, Sam- welcome to our little herd!