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Nephew Jeremy, aka
Nephew Jeremy, aka "Lil Dynamite
Item Purchased: Strats, PRS's and a Plastic Guitar

This is our newest addition, 5- year old 'Lil Dynamite and don't be fooled by the smile on his face. The reason he's grinning is after getting his first guitar, (which was a plastic cheapo bought by his Unca Tom), he quickly realized that, so far as guitars were concerned he was getting the short end of the stick, no pun intended. So, the next time he visited Unca Tom's house, he spotted a blonde Strat that had been purchased from Lee and I years ago, before there ever was an 'Elk Nation. 'Lil Dynamite noticed that the blonde Strat both played and sounded better than the Chinese copy of an "El Guiardo Especial" his Unca Tom had given him for his birthday and to make matter worse, 'ol Unca Tom had told him that the present was a real- deal PRS- now who's trying to fool who here? So, 'Lil Dynamite rolled over to his Unca Tom, (who was sitting at the dinner table trying to remove turkey dressing from his shirt) and rapped him in the shins with a spinning, surround- sound, dynamite donkey wheel kick. Unca Tom passed out from the pain and fell face- first into a plate of giblet gravy and turkey bones. The rest of the story? We get this picture as proof of "new" ownership of 'Lil Dynamite's gear and I'm getting emails from Tom's attorney saying it's our fault that both of his kneecaps are crooked. The moral of the story is, let your nephew play "Smoke on the Water" whenever he wants to and dynamite does indeed come in small packages, pun intended.....