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Brad Whitford
Brad Whitford
Item Purchased: Just a few Les Pauls.....

On the last day of the Charlotte show, we had the opportunity to purchase a guitar that formerly belonged to Mr. Brad Whitford of Aerosmith. Naturally and being known for these kind of cool and exceptional pieces we jumped at the chance, but how do we now go about authenticating such a guitar? It could have come from the Plowboy Mansion for all we knew, but later that same day, this quiet gentleman walked into the 'Elk booth and we knew that we had this situation sewn up tight! This is none other than Brad Whitford and when Lee asked him if this was his guitar, he confirmed that he indeed did previously own and play it, both onstage and in videos. We all chatted about how he got the guitar from Gibson and the detailed he had specified to them when ordering it- in the end, Mr. Whitford was nice enough to sign a letter of authenticity and pose for a few shots with the guitar. That's what we call being super cool and after all, he did play with one of the bands that got us all through high school. Thanks, Brad for making our weekend a complete success!