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The Z-Man
The Z-Man
Item Purchased: All Tele's & Strat's everywhere

Hailing from the Dirty south, the Z-Man and his band of renowns are known for a more refined and sophisticated sound. His band is conceptual and their live shows are legendary, consisting of Cone heads,unicorns and dwarf tossing. The shows go over well down here, but once in Marion Ill, The Son Red was boycotted by "DAD" or Dwarfism against denigration. The head spokesman Billy Mummy III filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of "Dad", sighing the band for lewd and lascivious acts against little people. In Billy's deposition, he pointed out that it's acceptable to hire his little colleges to play Ewoks,Um-pa Lumpas or sidekicks, but to throw them of a 12 foot stage was incomprehensible. Needless to say the band settled this quietly out of court for an undisclosed cash settlement. Success doesn't come with out it's draw backs. Z-man just take solace in the enlightening words of the Dali Lama. "Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength." Just replace our little friends with Giants. They get thrown around for a living..