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Nate Westgor
Nate Westgor
Item Purchased: Supro

We saw this gentleman at the Nashville show and he showed an interest in this Supro lap steel. After a very small amount of haggling, I asked who the receipt should be made out to. The guy replied, "Willie's Guitars". Hearing that, I asked if we could meet Willie and this fellow said, "There is no Willie- I'm Willie." I replied, "Bull hockey- you don't look like a Willie. Now, where's Willie? We've always wanted to meet him as we've heard he's a real big, tall fallow and Lee's tired of talking to short people". Again the guy insisted that he was Willie and there ain't no "real" Willie. In that light, this ain't no Supro lap- it's a Dupro and to top it off, it's a two- legged model. No Willie, no Supro and that's all we have to say about that except, thanks to Nate for always being cool to us and for not having any hard feelings about buying a two- legged Dupro lap steel.....