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Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Item Purchased: All that is cool and cosmic

Mike and I have been doing business together ever since the Beatles invaded America. This picture of Mike was taken after he swapped me some Lego's and a Howdy Doody doll for my 1480 model Silvertone guitar. I have to say in 67 I was a mere three years old and just maybe I was a bit impressionable then. Mike and I continued in our trading ways till the early 80's, when Mike was offered a job by Micheal Mann the executive producer of Miami Vice. As the story was told to me, Micheal Mann was entertaining some Hollywood VP's at a local Georgia watering hole when he spotted Mike on stage with his band. Micheal couldn't help to notice Mike's uncanny resemblance to the star of Miami Vice, Don Johnson. After the band finished their last set, Micheal approached Mike and ask him if he would like to be Don's stunt double. Mike was unsure at first, but the more Micheal talk about the trappings of the show, the women, the Ferrari's and the exotic locales the more Mike was intrigued. So in 1983 it became so, Mike relocate to sunny Florida. After years of only seeing Mike on TV, I caught up with him down in Orlando. When I asked Mike if it was worth relocating, he said: Yea it was great, but I have more than a few scares from that toothy sidekick of mine ( Elvis,Crockett's alligator) and that wasn't part of the deal. Well Mike, at least you grabbed the brass ring and you got more than a few nice white suites out of the deal. BTW.. How did you maintain that perpetual two day stubble?