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This is our dear friend, L.A.Powers. When I first met her, I casually asked her what she did for a living and the answer I received stunned me. She replied back, "I'm an author and my field of expertize is in adult series fiction". She also went on to tell me that she does writer's workshops. Interestingly, I thought to myself, how many times in your life do you meet a published author? I told her of our writings and wondered if she would look over the 'Elk Diaries and give us her thoughts? I also asked if she could share some techniques with us.(She is a professional after all) Since then, she has looked over our writings and commented on every adventure Ray and I have found ourselves in. "Should I tweak it", I asked? "No, she replied. You guys have a style all to yourselves- don't change a thing". 'Elks, if you are into sci-fi and just love a good read with plenty of action, then this is your girl. Check her out for yourself- you'll be glad you did. Lynn, thank you for your time, inspiration and mostly, for being you.

P.S. When Ray and I write our autobiography, you'll be the one that will proof read it first.. OO