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David Baxter
David Baxter
Item Purchased: 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez

This quiet, yet unassuming gentleman is a man that does what no one would ever expect. You might think he is an attorney or a doctor, but no, his job is one of the most important in the land. He is the designer of that most important feature on the space shuttle, the Russian ejector seat. Let's say the space shuttle has to go on a mission to the moon to deliver a load of lunar rover tires and hamburger condiments. Now let's assume that when it arrives, one of the Russian cosmonauts doesn't want hamburgers anymore and starts stompin' and yellin' for hot dogs. With David's invention, it's no problem: we simply offer to give the riled Ruskie a lift back to Earth and when the shuttle is approaching the outer atmosphere, the commander yells to the Ruskie, "Look, an asteroid shaped like a bottle of vodka". When 'ol Ivan cranes his head to see what had happened, the commander hits the eject button and voila'- our hot dog- lovin' comrade is now just another of a thousand comets orbiting the globe. So, we'd like to thank David for stopping by the 'Elk for the cleanest Trini on the planet and for keeping the hamburger supply chain to the moon running smoothly. Welcome to the herd, David!