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Robbie and Teresa Martin
Robbie and Teresa Martin
Item Purchased: Toot Flute and Floats.......

This is only the second couple ever to be inducted into the 'Elk Nation and we are supremely pleased to have them with us. The lovely lass on the right is Robbie's darling wife, Teresa. "Mamareesa", as she's known to the family is a super wife, mother and grandmother with the patience of Job and just a pure joy to be around, as long as she's getting her way- go figure. Now, a few words about the cat on the left; He was the lead singer in no fewer than three of the bands we played in together back in the day and I will now proceed with extreme caution so that our past doesn't come back to, lest just say "bite us in the butt". In the period spanning about 1988- 1993, Robbie was what I call my "runnin' pahdner" and you can write this on a rock: if it could be done, we did it. Me and this guy did it, drank it, rode it, chased it, caught it, ate it, fought it, found it, threw it up, wrecked it, killed it and if I forgot anything, we did that too! I once held his hair while he threw his toenails up and on another occasion, he put his shoulder into the kidney of a bouncer that had me over his head by the hair and nuts and was about to throw me down three flights of stairs. If there is ever a man I would call my brother, you are looking at him and the next time we can get Teresa to let him out of the house, we're going to get into some trouble and relive those glory days. But to ease her mind, we've long- since traded the strip clubs for golf clubs and now we end up at Taco Mac instead of Jimmy Mac's. Hope I didn't throw us both under the bus, Robbie but I ain't ashamed of what was the greatest period of my life. You're my boy!