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Robert Carpenter
Robert Carpenter
Item Purchased: 1963 Gibson ES-120T

We inducted Mr. Carpenter into the 'Elk Nation not because he bought something from us, but because, at the Spartanburg Guitar show he found us worthy to take possession of his '63 ES-120. He bought the guitar new with thoughts of learning how to play it, but as time, family and fate called him to do other things, his guitar found it's way into his closet. He brought it to the show and it somehow found it's way to us, where we gingerly brought the guitar into our stable and thanked Mr. Carpenter for giving us the opportunity to pass it along. Sometimes, in this business so often controlled by the love of that great dollar, we forget that the passing on of these pieces with respect and dignity are much more the point of why we should be doing this in the first place. Thank you, Robert for your guitar and please believe that all due attention to the proper details will be given to your guitar and to whom it goes.