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Alex Gerogiannis
Alex Gerogiannis
Item Purchased: Patrick James Eggle Skyland and Linnville

Alex is the official 'Elk legal eagle over in B'ham and we often call him before we are going to drive in or through the great state of Alabama, as we just want to make sure of what we can and can't do in his great state. For example, it is illegal to cross the exterior yellow line on a road in an attempt to intentionally run over a possum, but it is legal to tip cows between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 am. It's also illegal to make fun of Auburn cheerleaders at a home game, but it is legal to toilet paper a sheriff's front yard in the first week of his new term. (good luck on that one) So, when Alex requested a visit to the 'Elkcave to take a look at these two Eggle guitars, we were quite relieved that we didn't have to do any driving and invited him right over. He came in on a Saturday morning and put both of these guitars through their paces- he's quite an accomplished player and has a great touch when playing fingerstyle. After we had worked out the deal and he was preparing to leave, he looked over at Lee and said, "Are you the Lee Jackson of Metaltronix fame"? When Lee answered no, Alex nodded and said, "So, it would be correct to assume that you're the other Lee Jackson, right"? Lee nodded his head and then Alex asked him, "Did you happen to go on your senior high school cruise back in 1982? To Cancun"? Getting a little antsy, Lee again nodded his head and Alex asked him, "Did you just so happen, on the morning of May 15, 1982 to find yourself in a hotel room with a unusually sizable woman, with purple hair and a cocked eye"? Poor 'ol Mr. Jackson was shuffling his feet and looking a little squeamish by now with the blood draining from his face. I couldn't help but pipe up, "Yeah big Pimp, did you get your big jiggy on down in Mexico back in '82? You know you always said your boys called you Super Playa". Both men cut exceptionally sharp looks at me, but I didn't care- this was getting too good to not enjoy. Lee hesitantly answered, "I might have had relations on that trip, but I don't remember her name". Alex whipped out a piece of paper and said, "Well I do and her name is Maria Quinnones Testaronnies. You are the proud father of 30- year old triplets, you owe 345,662,425.00 pesos in back- child support and you, sir can consider your self served". With that statement, Lee fainted on the spot, Alex got in his car to drive back to Birmingham and I went inside to get a glass of sweet tea and two tuna fish sandwiches, so I can properly digest the idea that I'm now the proud uncle of Lee's newly discovered baambinos. Thanks for stopping by 'Elkland, Alex. I'll probably be calling you to press charges for assault and battery when the proud Papa wakes up.......