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Item Purchased: 1952 Gibson ES-5

As we would say in the South, with the greatest of reverence and as a statement reserved only for the ones we hold in the highest regard, "This is our boy". He's a true connoisseur, so let us clarify:

(Fr. connaisseur, from Middle-French connoistre, then connaƮtre: is a person who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, or an expert judge in matters of taste.

This gentleman is one of the few people on this earth that, with the placing of a beautiful vintage guitar into his hands can appreciate and express the true joy that such things can bring. When all things are equal, this guy truly gets a charge out of the wonder and beauty of 50 year- old craftsmanship like no other and if you'll just look at the smile on his face, you can see that everything we do in this business has been stripped away; Only the pure essence of a musical instrument remains. Simply put, he loves great, old guitars and makes what we do worth every minute. Lee and I are damn proud to call him one of our own and just looking at this photo makes us grin too. Thanks, Matt- "audentes fortuna iuvat"...