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Prof. Steve Knippenberg
Prof. Steve Knippenberg
Item Purchased: Several 'Elk Pieces

If you saw Kill Bill 2, then you must certainly have noticed the character known only as Pei Mei. This man was a complete master in the Chinese Martial Arts and the most deadly fighter on Earth, but compared to our very own Steve Knippenberg, he is but a mere child. Steve is the direct descendant of that fabled Blues Master, Blind Howlin' Wolverine Chitlins and can bring a crowded club to tears with only one note while levitating above the stage. Once, while trying out a vintage Telecaster, he strummed an open A chord and the United Nations World Peace Confluence came to a halt for over an hour with no explanation. He has achieved the rank of Grand Master Consultant in the 'Elk Nation and we love no one more than we love "The Knipper"- A humble bow of gratitude to you, Sir.