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Craig Karr
Craig Karr
Item Purchased: 1963 Firebird V

We met Craig through a mutual friend down in Florida, one Mr. Kev- Dog as we would see these two guys at some of the larger guitar shows. Lee and I have been discussing over the years how to get Craig into the 'Elk Nation without having to kidnap him and forcing him at gunpoint to sign on a dotted line with his own blood. So, over time, we'd show him a Les Paul or a Strat to no avail. One year, we had a stripper pole in our booth with naked girls all over the place, but we still couldn't get to him. Finally, it seems that Lee has found his weakness: super clean and original vintage Firebirds and when we showed him this one at the 2010 Arlington Guitar show, we had him in our clutches. Truth be told, we thought Craig was a regular guy like us- you know, drinking white lightnin' and doing doughnuts in his neighbor's yards with a lawnmower, but when we received this photo, we quickly realized that we had snared one of the finest Texas Pimps ever to pick up a six- string. "Cool" is what we call it and we are proud to announce the arrival of Mr. Craig Karr to the 'Elk Nation. Man, it took us a while to get him, but now that he's here with us, we're damned glad to have him in our little herd. Many thanks, Craig and welcome to the circus, Brother...