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John Copeland
John Copeland
Item Purchased: 2003 Duane Allmam Les Paul

We got a visit from Mr. Copeland yesterday and to put it simply, is was a great day here at the 'Elkcave. John showed us some of his guitars and when the smoke had cleared, he had taken possession of this '03 Duane Les Paul. After the initial conversation about guitars and music had drifted to other topics, Lee and I found ourselves just sitting quietly and listening to the stories John was telling us about his life (this should be noted only because we are known to be somewhat chatty fellows). Now, it eventually dawned on us that he has lived a life of fairly great adventure and has experienced things that many of us only read about. He has scaled the altitudes and explored the depths. He has lived with speed on land, water and in the air. He has mastered the bounty that comes from the Earth and built the finest of precision machines, so what we found ourselves thinking was that he and his life was...interesting. For us, it was an exposure to tales of a life that we did not know and even after he had left our humble little corner. I thought again of the things we had talked about. Simply put, he's just a cool guy and we are honored to call him a new member of our family so the next time you hear or see that cockamamie Dos Equis commercial about "the most interesting man in the world", don't believe a minute of it because we got him right here....