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Skip Davis
Skip Davis
Item Purchased: 2009 Gibson SG Std, '61 RI VOS

Ladies and Gentlemen, not only are you looking at one of the newest members of the mighty 'Elk Nation, but the only guy Lee and I know that rivals us when it comes to being a KISS fan. I mean, we thought we either knew or had it all, but when Skip hipped us up to what he had and knew, we just walked back over to our desks and sat down, heads hung. He's a master collector of the "old stuff" and when he starts rattling off what he has in his collection, I start getting grand ideas and notions of great swaps and trades in our futures; that is, right about the time when Lee looks over, see the "far away" look in my eyes and proceeds to sling a marble paperweight at my head. But, now my latest idea is to visit Skip's KISS room, distract him with a stack of R9's, place sleeping gas in one of the cases and plunder his collection while he's passed out. This will accomplish two things: it will get me the lunchbox and sleeping bag I've always wanted and get his wife her sewing room back. In any case, it's thumbs up for us and Ms. Davis and too bad, so sad for our new 'Elk. But, as an olive branch, I'll draw Gene's makeup on the keys of the next guitar he buys so he can commune with "The Demon" while he's playing. Thanks for the visit, Skip and don't forget to change the locks on your house...