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Item Purchased: Almost Every Cool C. S. Fender We've Ever Had

The mental image of a person you've never met can be powerful. Although we have never met A.S. in person, my mind's picture of him was definitive and when we got this photo of him, that image was washed away. Before you is one of the most discriminating and powerful Fender Custom Shop collectors in the world. I said it: This guy's a collecting machine and his taste in guitars, impeccable. He moves quietly but with a determined way and we can both accept and appreciate that- decisiveness and surety are attributes we admire and work well with. This gentleman has our deep appreciation and admiration- maybe one day, we'll all sit at a table and enjoy a nice bottle of wine or two. If we get to the third bottle, he'll be sunk because I'll sell him another guitar. Il est de notre honneur d'être à votre service, monsieur. Vous avez toujours nos meilleures salutations!