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Jay Gleaton
Jay Gleaton
Item Purchased: 1971 Fender Precision Bass & 1973 Jazz Bass

Jay came out to the Elkcave during the Christmas holidays to check out this '71 P- bass. Of all the timing, I just happen to be out of town, performing the task of visiting the in- laws, so Lee met him to show the bass. From what I understand, Jay picked up the bass, played a few runs and basically said, "I'll take it". Can you believe that? One of the rare times we get to do a deal on a bass and who gets the pleasure of handling it? A dang guitar player! Of all the irony. I'm sure sorry I missed meeting Jay, but all fellow bass players are with each other in spirit and we would like to thank you for your visit and patronage. It will probably be my luck to have to handle the next Supro Knucklecaster deal as punishment for something I did as a wicked youth...Thanks Jay!