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Morgan Dollard
Morgan Dollard
Item Purchased: 1999 40th Ann. Les Paul

When Morgan first contacted us, I thought he was about 45- 50 years old and maybe a pilot or a doctor. It was that kind of seriousness when he was inquiring about this guitar and after the deal was struck and the smoke cleared, he sent us this picture. 'Lo and behold, he's not an old codger like the rest of us, but a young gun and exactly the kind of guitarist we love to welcome into the herd. Gotta keep the spirit alive and we want to say a very Cali cool "Welcome" to Morgan. We couldn't be happier to have you in the family, Brother and besides that, you look like you could straight whip a Black Bears behind, so you're now the official GrinningElk "Minister of Behavioral Modification". Believe us, it's a great thing to have!