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Phil Hardin
Phil Hardin
Item Purchased: ES-335 Dot Reissue

Phil and his lovely wife pulled into the GrinningElk booth at the3 Dallas Guitar show this past April and I instantly knew we were in trouble. It seems that he had spotted this blonde Dot reissue and I was merely a kid with ice cream on my hands and my wagon in the way. He looked it over good and proper before turning his eye to us and that is when the battle began. Truth be told, we had purchased the guitar at the show and wanted to bring it home. I had only placed it on the table to compare with two other 335's we had bought, but Phil was not to be denied. We got to tangling and wrasslin' about it- at one point, I even looked for the paramedics to come in and provide oxygen, but it was Mano y Mano until, at last, he took ownership of the Gibson and we went to take naps. He's that tough, but as a new member of the mighty Elk Nation, toughness is a welcomed trait. Thanks for your purchase, Phil- we appreciate both your friendship and tenacity.