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Don Juntunen
Don Juntunen
Item Purchased: 1997 Les Paul R9

What you are viewing is two specimens of the insanely rare and nearly extinct Boxer Paulasaurus'. These Burmese protection dogs are known for their ability to rip a human's head off in a single bite and it was once reported that an adult Boxer Paul ate an entire 1100 lb Spanish Bull in a single sitting. Our newest Elk, the brave one known only to us as "Don" has dared to own two of these untamable beasts and after receiving this R9 from us, assigned the two killers, Molly and Tucker to protect it. In this picture, Don has covered the guitar in honey and set it in an area of the jungle that is known for it's dense Jungle Bear population. The reason is not to guard the guitar, but to attract a couple of bears for his Boxer Pauls to eat as a mid- morning snack.

Molly (on the left): Hey Tuck, I think I see a bear. You wanna quiet it down over there?"
Tucker: "I think I smell truffles".
Molly: "Shhh, dummy. Pigs eat truffles. We eat bears and bulls."
Tucker: "Who you calling a pig?"
Molly: "Sigh. Men- you can't get them to stop grunting and shoving their noses into the ground."
Tucker: "Hey, I think I found some corn..."