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Jerry Daniel
Jerry Daniel
Item Purchased: 2001 Les Paul Standard

Jerry came out to the Elk cave for a visit and a tryout of this Goldtop. It was a seamless and easy deal- he's as cool as the other side of the pillow. We chatted for a while about music and the like- we all love the same stuff down here in the South, so it was a pleasant meeting of Southern Brothers. A few days later, we received this email from Jerry and folks, this is the kind of thing that brings wide smiles to our faces...

"I forgot to share my story about being in school at UGA and seeing an obscure band with a funny name from Jacksonville in a small venue on campus. It was 1970. Their singer was a guy named Ronnie with a german sounding last name. Two of the other guys were Gary and Allen. We thought they were so cool that we asked them to come over to the house we rented on Prince Ave. to "party" after the show. They did, and we did. They called themselves Leonard Skinner back then. You probably figured out Ronnie's name was Van Zandt, Gary's name was Rossington, and Allen's name was Collins. From what I can remember, we had a pretty good time. And they hadn't even written Free Bird yet."

Thanks for the purchase and visit, Jerry. You're always welcome here in the land of the 'Elk!