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Todd Cooke
Todd Cooke
Item Purchased: Limited Edition Ace Frehley Les Paul

We love it when we get celebrities in out little herd- it's always like the prize in the Cracker Jack box and this gentleman's known worldwide, so we consider him as famous. He's Todd Cooke and is the proud owner of what some would consider the largest Spector bass collection on the planet. He's got all the "cool ones" along with some prototypes and a few of the ones known to be magical. If it's about Spector basses, Todd's the one to call and as a total surprise to us, he's also a KISS fan. Now he's like a brother to Lee and I because everyone on the world knows how much we love KISS. Todd picked up this limited Ace Frehley Les Paul from us, so he's now a supreme member in good standing in the mighty Elk Nation. Spector basses and KISS- for me, it just doesn't get any better and we'd like to extend a hearty "Rock and Roll All Night" welcome to Todd!