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Patrick 'Bunky' 'O Rourke
Patrick 'Bunky' 'O Rourke
Item Purchased: Cunetto Stratocaster

We've committed a grievous error against one of our very own; Colonel 'O Rourke bought a Cunneto Strat from us a few years ago and I somehow lost the picture. This new picture was taken at the last Dallas Guitar Show and although he's holding a Les Paul, he's now firmly entrenched in the hallowed and mighty Elk Nation. A little background on the cat you see here; He had retired from the Marines as a fighter pilot, but volunteered to come back to active duty for the first Iraq war where he successfully commanded the 4th Marine Air Wing. You know you're bad when you call it a day on a decorated fighter pilot career and then come back as a commander. Col. 'O Rourke has since retired from active duty and spends his time playing guitar in Texas and has recently accepted the position of "Commamnder at Large of Planet Earth". We're proud to call him a member of our family and wanted to show you all what a superior human being looks like. Believe us, there aren't many left like this guy!