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Dave Leggett
Dave Leggett
Item Purchased: 1975 Fender Precision Bass

Dave bought this bass up and after receiving it, sent us this picture. Usually, we do the write- ups on our Elks, but Dave was so elegant in his communications, we thought it best to let his own words speak for themselves:

Hi Ray, I just great some of the great write ups on some of your members of ELK Nation and realized I hadn't put any details in about myself. Right now I am the bass player for Rachel Rizner & The Resonators a blues rock band: The attached photo was taken by my wife Debra Eve a talented writer and saint for putting up with me I have attached another pic Deb took of me this afternoon. I would have been 8 years old when this bass first came out. I didn't see one until I was about 17, but when I did it was on a picture on a binder in college and it was love at first sight even though the bass was right handed! My very first bass was a no name copy of a Fender Precision - sunburst, right handed (just like in the binder picture) with a maple neck. I swapped the strings over and learned to play it upside down. I have been lucky to have played some beautiful basses over the last 20 years. Always wondered what playing a vintage p bass would be like - almost had a chance once in 1992 - just missed a 1973 lefty P Bass and again in 2007 out bid on Ebay on a 1983 lefty P (also sunburst). Figured that they weren't meant to be and told myself that it was because something better would come along. Besides, I had a really nice little collection of basses already plus a loving wife and 2 cats (the kids), so life was already good. I spent the last 20 years playing in a variety of bands (many styles - originals & covers) both in my native England and also in Los Angeles where I attended Musicians Institute in 2004 (graduating in 2006). Fast forward to August 2012. Feeling somewhat elated and proud at having obtained my US Citizenship (after a 6 year process), I decided to celebrate by treating myself to a new bass. I didn't really need another bass, but couldn't think of anything else I would rather have, so started to look randomly, but did not really see anything which grabbed me. There were a couple of nice looking Fender P basses on Ebay which sold and then I saw this one. Couldn't believe it! I mean this is what we all dream about isn't it where you turn up at a pawn shop and the guy behind the counter blows the dust away and inside is a pristine instrument sat through the mists of time or again lying dormant under a bed to be reawakened like Sleeping Beauty! And I mean left handed and a P Bass. My favorite bass! Almost too good to be true! When I first saw this bass it was on Ebay and there were a few bids on it and a reserve. The bid ended and the reserve price was not met, but it still seemed like a lot of money to me - even though it was well worth the price for such a fine piece. I didn't think much more about it until a few days later it was re listed again - this time with no reserve price. I remember feeling really excited, more so with each passing day when I saw that no one had bid on it yet and each day I would check several times and got more excited when I saw there were no bids. Maybe there was a chance for me! The last day - Monday night I set my alarm to check Ebay 10 minutes before the auction ended. A looong 10 minutes! It still seemed like a lot of money to me and had taken several months of hard saving, but if it stayed around that price I could just about manage it. Waves of uncertainty swept through me: was I being reckless? I already had some nice basses. This was a chance in a lifetime. I never wanted a bass to be a collection piece. I wanted to play it carefully and lovingly. The minutes ticked by. Still nobody had bid. I really wanted to buy this bass but should I? What should I do Regis? Phone a friend? I did I asked my wife whether I should and half expected a "you've already got enough basses!" What she actually said was "I think you should go for it!" Thanks Baby! I'll always be grateful to you for that. I still figured that if someone got in there and outbid me, fair play, it was meant to be, but at least now I felt more positive/decided. I remembered mentions of this bass on the forum. Interest in this bass. Possibly a couple of members interested in bidding! There's now a minute to go - the longest minute in time and still no bids. Finally 20 seconds to go and I bid. I've won! Slightly nervous with excitement. Wow! I've won my dream bass - just like the one I saw back in 1984 but left handed. Felt like it had been waiting for me all this time and now it was finally here. The next week, waiting for it to arrive, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning - it couldn't get here soon enough! In the meantime I checked back into the forum and read that " Some lucky bugger got themselves a fairly rare bass at a fairly reasonable price." Yes indeed. I was definitely a lucky bugger that night. All The Best Dave