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Jason Pastras
Jason Pastras
Item Purchased: 2010 Les Paul R7 Goldtop

We absolutely love it when Elks come out to the 'Elkcave for a visit. They always say the same thing: "I didn't know you guys were even here" and that's our secret. We are tucked away out here on the West side and the visitors we get are always the coolest cats that love guitars, amps and music. It's also a chance for us to just hang out and talk guitar- that's the real treat of being in this business. Jason's visit was different in that he was the guy who manned up and took possession of the famed "Naked Lady". It had been attempted by several, but it looks like he was the guy who would eventually pull the sword from the stone. We're proud to now count Jason as a member of our ever- growing herd and want to extend a very warm 'Elk welcome!