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Darren Henry
Darren Henry
Item Purchased: 1998 Gibson ES-355 & Les Paul Premier

I have to say that, of all the guitars we have ever shipped to Australia, this ES-355 provided the greatest and longest ordeal of them all. It went around the world about three times, got lost in the African desert, ended up on a Russian cargo plane above the North Pole and finally was delivered by a pack of wild kangaroos to our newest Elk, Darren. Through it all, he was calm and cool- never got twisted and when the guitar finally arrived, he liked it so much, he called up and bought a Les Paul. It's the dedication of guitarists like him that make our jobs worthwhile and allow us to sit back every once in a while with smiles on our faces. So Darren gets the "GrinningElk Staying Cool While it Took Two Years to Get His Guitar" award and we cannot say thank you loudly enough! You're the bee's knees, Darren and welcome to the herd!