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Shane Walton
Shane Walton
Item Purchased: Fretless Zon Sonus

Bravery. It's a term use for only the heartiest of men. Men with steely nerves and fearless hearts. Our newest 'Elk, Shane here has just returned from England, where he was knighted by the Queen herself for an act so intensely dangerous, it makes women faint and men run for their lives. It seems that, in a recent band practice, Shane, without fear for his own safety and while playing a passage from Dream Theater's "Metropolis Pt. 1" attempted and successfully achieved the deadly and near- impossible sliding E# octave chord. The feat drew national attention and has garnered Shane's band a 6- album recording contract with full tour support from Def American records. The General of the Army personally called him to say that he had been awarded the Medal of Honor and Disney World sent him an authentic laser- engraved, serial numbered Mickey Mouse suit. After all this, he remained the humble spirit that he's always been and we can only give our appreciation and regards for a job certainly well done. Welcome to our little herd, Shane- we're both glad and proud to have you with us!