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Ron Westwood
Ron Westwood
Item Purchased: Murphy- Aged Yamano Les Paul R9

Ron and I had several lengthy conversations about guitars before he purchased this Murphy Aged, Yamano R9 and that's not a complaint by any means. It's refreshing when you can meet a fellow guitar aficionado- often times, one can learn new things just by getting another musician's take on an instrument or model of guitar. Such was the case with this Les Paul and so, when we shipped it out to Ron, it looked like it might not make it in the overnight mail. It was at that point when Ron found a telephone booth, went in as a mild- mannered guitar player and emerged as some type of super hero, guitar tracker- downer. He kept us up to date with hourly reports on where the guitar was and how close he was to getting it. I think me may have even battled a couple of buffoons, slayed a dragon or two and shellacked a half- blind pickpocket before cornering a Fedex truck in a parking lot. There, he took possession of his guitar and I have to assume that the Fedex driver found himself duct- taped and tagged for a destination somewhere in the Russian Federation. The end result of all this is, Ron has and loves his new axe and there's a poor schmuck eating cold potatoes in a Siberian prison camp, wearing a Fedex uniform. That'll teach 'em that overnight means exactly that- overnight! Thanks again, Ron for both your patronage and friendship!