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Jimmy DiStefano
Jimmy DiStefano
Item Purchased: 1995 Les Paul R9 &1964 ES-335

We finally got a picture of a herd member, Jimmy DiStefano, from Montreal. His own words are better than what I can say- welcome to our family, Jimmy!

"Its Jimmy Di Stefano from Montreal Canada remember me I bought the '64 335 and the L.P '95 R9. I just saw the linked in you sent me, and that reminded me that I said I would send you a pic and a musical clip as well. Well I'm a working musician and between tours and sessions in Montreal and Toronto Its been crazy. I'm not complaining and I know I"m lucky. Its all about attitude. So listen the next 2 emails I'll send you 1 clip of just a solo I did for a french artist called Clerc Obscur. The C.D is called Taedium Vitae. You know the french have a word for everything. I'm more of a jazz player but at a young age I figured that it takes 4 quarters to make a dollar, might as well have them all. So I can fake a few styles. this clip is on the rock side. I'll send you a pic of me with the L.P its a really bad one lighting is terrible. I'll send you a good one with the 335. you just might have to wait 2 years for it though LOL!!! The musical clip was done with the 1964 335 through a Boogie Mark 2c+ and my pedalboard." Cheers. Jimmy.