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Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller
Item Purchased: '11 Les Paul Chambered R8

If David Smith was there with Moses and Ted Sckeckinger rode with the knights of the round table, Bruce was there in the earliest of days of the Elk as well. He (Bruce) was kinda like that guitarist in Def Leppard, you remember him right, uh Pete Willis. You know, kinda with the band before they hit it big time with Pyromania. You see Pete was there and then he was gone, in his case it was the whiskey that drove him away from glory. In Bruce's case, it was the hordes of woman that in fact kept him from Elk glory. You see, Bruce being a handsome man and all hooked up with Hugh Hefner to chase ass all over the playboy mansion. They had a game between called, cotton tails gone wild. Being tired of Bruce snagging more of the tails so to speak, Hugh had him exiled to a small island of Belize. As you see in this picture, Bruce is more than happy that he found a raft, a coconut and a soccer ball to talk too, and now he's back in the states again. You see Bruce, like Jack Nicholson said in Batman, never rub another man's reutabaugher. A lesson we all could learn..