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MaKenna Otten
MaKenna Otten
Item Purchased: Ibanez SR- 800LE

This is one special young lady and a most welcome addition to our little herd. She recently took possession of this Ibanez bass and I must admit, I was the most thrilled. She comes from a high- acheiving family, so it's no surprise that she has both beauty and talent. Her father is the leading scientist for the Bio- Nuclear division of Nasa. Her mother is a covert operative for MI-6 and was the leading consultant to Daniel Craig in his last three Bond movies. Her older brother was recruited by the L.A. Lakers to be their starting center, but he still has to graduate high school and her younger brother won the 2014 and 2015 Academic Brain Quiz Spelling Bee of the Whole Wide World. So, to say MaKenna's family obviously gets important things done in the highest order would be an understatement and they have so many awards and plaques in their house, there is no room for family pictures. But, to us, that all pales in comparison to the fact that their only wonderful and beautiful daughter plays bass guitar. That's the greatest award and reward of all! Our humble thanks go out to MaKenna and the Otten family for being cool, being friends and being great people. 

"Le monde a toujours besoin de joueurs de basse plus dame..."