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Dr. Ken
Dr. Ken
Item Purchased: 1960 EKO Model 400 & 1967 Hagstrom 8

After cracking the 'ol Doc in his head on the '62 Bassman heist and serving 12 months in the pokey for "assault on a guitarologist", we decided it was time to atone for our sins. We called on Dr. Ken with roses in our hands, beer in our trunk and begged forgiveness. The good Doc eventually gave in and rewarded us with a visit, accompanied with two exquisite pieces from his renowned and extensive collection. He's a low- key, below the radar aficionado with credentials from here to Tokyo and we're proud to have him in the herd as "Director of Information and Details". He got that title because of all the midnight calls he received from Walter Carter inquiring about the year Gibson changed from cloth to plastic stitching on their Firebird cases. Once again, we're really, really, really sorry about that bag of nickles, Doc......